Thursday, January 8, 2015


Tragedies happen every day & the media doesn't discuss them. I'm going to try and not pour too much emotion into this post. I might get carried away. Blame the heart, not me.

Picked up a newspaper lately? Surely game of thrones is not the only watercooler discussion you are having in office. Have you read any paper that doesn't carry some sort of remorse? (Bombay Times doesn't count). For real though, there's  accidents, deaths, botched surgeries and even Ebola. There's death and then there's life. You celebrate life. Actually, you don't, you know who does? Cancer patients... Cancer patients do! That brings me to the title of my post. Home. It's  the safest place these days. It is your heaven, your cave, your attachment to anything safe. With all the forsaken  Airplane tragedies, Terrorism, Kidnappings, Rape encounters, Honor killings, you just don't know what you're going to expect these days. Today you're enjoying a delicious breakfast at home with your loved ones and tomorrow you're dead? Maybe? I don't know. Yikes, I don't mean to sound so pessimistic. Why is it so difficult to express your freedom? How is killing in the name of religion justified? But they say terrorism doesn't have a religion. Debatable for another topic or day. Also, why do good things happen to bad people? Why do the good die young? You wait for this to all fade away, empty jars to hold this shitstorm but nothing is ever fulfilled. 

It has got me thinking. Life needs to be celebrated, enjoyed. I'm not saying like literally cling to it. For me, every time I insert the key in my door and turn it to the right, (home)it's where I'm safest and the happiest. I have entered my domain. I'm untouchable (not really, my mom nags me constantly.. (tee hee). There's comfort, love, food and more importantly your bed (no matter how small or big).

Making love is a part of love.  Whether you are receiving it, giving it, it's what people secretly want. It's what everyone wants. It's not unity, peace, religion that brings people together in trying times or in joyous times. It's Love. I swear. Love is the only poison that is consumable. You can't buy it off the counter nor do you need a prescription for it. 

*This post is dedicated to Sasha, Thank you. See i wrote. Tee hee*

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Metallica - De-Virginised

- The journey , The end of it all - 

So ya heard of the term "virgin"(No offense to any of the virgins out there). But have you heard of ze term "concert virgin". Thats me. Tee hee.  I have never ever been to a concert in my life(no i'm not the most boring guy out there), and i wasn't even ready to go for one . To be honest , i wasnt willing to spend over 7Geeba G's $_$ for a bus ticket and a metallica concert ticket. 

TENSION TENSION TENSION - Anywhp/how/ho hum, the irony of it was, just when i decided to go for the concert, something had to go wrong. I smell a Murphy's law. I booked the bus tickets, and SURPRISE SURPRISE - NO concert tickets. Da hell. This wasn't any ordinary bus , Itt was a bus filled with hobbits & wizards. Ok, that wasn't even funny. It was one of these special  busses for em die hard Metallica fans. Advantages of it ? Unlimited booze + metallica fan heads + a karaoke metallica session on the bus . Yeh thats how i like to roll (or maybe a nice peaceful bus ride would have been alright to0).  By now, i'm all excited and stuff,  but to my bad luck i couldn't land 2 tickets for me and my friend . Short story long, I pleaded, I begged, I cried,  and my prayers were answered by the Metallica Gods themselves. Some dude from pune couldnt make it & so he ended up giving me his tickets for the concerts . HOOO RRR AAA HHH !!!!! *Say it with me* HooooRaaaH

BUS BUS BUS - So my friend & me picked up another friend and then picked up another and then another(this goes on) & finally met another friend of theirs and headed to the pick up point.(sounds like a prostitution racket). Bus was originally scheduled for 9 30 but ended up starting around 10 30.(Kya Yaar). We somehow got unlucky and landed in bus 2 instead of bus 1 . The journey was erm alright but not without  hiccups  & PEE-SToPS , food breaks and other shit(literaly) . So what was originally supposed to be a 16 hour ride turned out to being a  massive 28 hour ride. F*** ME.
Conclusion : except for Goa or Pune im never ever gonna travel by bus . plane or tain it is 

VENUE VENUE VENUE - We landed @ the venue all sweaty and tired. We began to wait in line. It was about 12 pm now and the gates were supposed to open @ 3 . The crowds were getting restless and MIKE TYSON the sweaty bouncer along with another wide ass bouncer wasn'tot letting everyone in . After scuffling and making our way through security check 1. We made our way to security check 2 .From there another 1 hour wait . Then finally as we passed security check 2 we ran like shit to secure our place so we all could see Metallica  as close as possible.

SAFETY FIRST SAFETY FIRST SAFETY FIRST - After securing our place as close to the stage as possible , we were treated to some bald phirangi (foreigner) dude who wouldn't start the concert unless we moved to the right and left and who kept saying - SAFETY FIRST (Hey, this isn't a condom ad, baldy!! We were treated to 3 opening bands . BIFFY CLYRO - who's opening act was fuckin awesome . They aren't new, they are a Scottish band and pretty famous and have a really really big fan following .Watch their live concerts on youtube

GOD GOD GOD - Then the gods of metal came out , FUCKING INSANE . 30 years ,yes 30 years we waited for this . We were not going to let another DELHI happen to us . Metallica came out in full swing and  kicked ass .  The fans including me went ballistic. Truly an epic moment. They played 18 songs in total ending it with the most epic song "SEEK AND DESTROY". Metallica is one of the only few bands which can get 3 generations to come and rock out . That means you can see a father and his son, as young as 10 rocking and headbanging together at a rock concert . If a picture had to decribe what i just said then --------------------------------------- take a look below . 

Truly EPIC 


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Im Sucker Punched All Right

~Written For Imdb , Shared For Facebook/Blogger~

Im Sucker Punched All Right :), 27 March 2011

So i recently went to see los angeles :battlefield, and while we were climbing up the escalator we saw this huge poster of Sucker Punch . The poster looked kick ass(chicks, dressed up as school girls) & we wondered how this was going to be . I mean it has Chicks , Guns, Katanas and Robots .What more could you ask for right ? :D

Well today i went for the movie and i got exactly what i asked for . The dialogues/quotes are awesome . I can even remember them now . The movie is like sailormoon with guns haha. If you fall in the age group of 15-30 and are into games /anime, I'm sure you will like this one . people above that age might probably find it a bore . Remember this is a fantasy/role play movie, so i suggest you keep your brain at home , and watch the movie for the mindless slashing and dicing of enemies . Also keep on the look out for the beauitful colours/visuals . This is the same director (zack snyder) who has given us hits like 300 and watchmen . And he doesn't fail to let go of his imagination and bring us another hit.

Lastly many people are going to ask themselves why the f$$$ is this not in 3d . Well if this was, I'm sure it would be have blown.Sadly beggars cant be choosers : )

Also im sure you are going to enjoy the soundtrack which captivated me from the beginning to end .


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reflect & Receive

I want you to reflect and reflect deeply to what is written below. After that, receive it , comprehend it , then try and interpret it . Or just do one of them .

You know, we spend a lot of time trying to organize the world. We build clocks and calendars and we try and predict the weather.But what part of our life is truly under our control? What if we choose to exist purely in a reality of our own making?  

no 1 : are there really 31 days or 30 days or just 28 days. should every month be shorter and have 28 days only?
no 2 : is there really 24 hours in a day
no 3: is summer supposed to be monsoon
no 4: is orange = green and green = blue

I'm i controlling my life . Is it in order . I highly doubt that . The funny thing is, I like living a messed up  organised life. However from time to time, one has to be crafty and organised . Think about it ,you have all the resources at your disposal , but are you making the most out of it. At least i haven't it. Have you tried living a day in your life out of the normal routine ? Try it

My friend once told me , stop being a chicken in your job. You have to take those small risks. Im not used to it , i miscalculated sometimes , and sometimes i was spot on . I took a few risk ,it paid off , took a few risk again and it didn't pay off. Ah its all a learning experience . What doesn't kill you, only makes you smarter, sexier , and immune to the nasty things around you . I promise : D

Destiny is not the path given to us but the path we choose for ourselves.

So grab life by the balls ,squeeze it, because when life gives you lemons you make lemonade , when you get a tangerine, you might as well eat it and if you get a cactus don't stick it up in the wrong place.

Peace out.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Closer to the Ledge

Sitting in this empty room with dark blue light above me ? psychedelic !! ... 
I feel lost, not too lost probably cuz i got up a while back. So im on facebook right now , and I'm seeing lots of people saying last day of college etc. I'm seeing loads of farewell pictures. I was there last in the same situation not to long ago , maybe around 8 months back, and then well i finally landed my self a job . 

Why am i so drowsy today, i feel drunk, even though i didn't drink .Maybe its time i celebrate with some scotch ? Oh maybe vodka ? Or Rasna.  The walls are holding me back, it's like a stare down, but i can't help it. It's bringing me back to reality, not letting me escape into the wild..

I wish my walls were orange, or blue or purple.. why is it off white :/

30 seconds to mars ? .. If i had an option to go back and forth to mars in just 30 secs that would be perfecto superlxo.. but i cannot. Sniff . I need to find a place where there are other silly humans like me, who i can dine and be fine with  and then make merry(dirty mind) : ) 

I'm listening to music right now. I'm supposed to be out right now , since its Saturday evening . Strangely i feel like being my self. Strange ? ? ... but ill go wild tomorrow, i guess

Why is the weekend so short ? huh ? ..  just two days ??

Maybe if i lean out of my balcony, you know, just a bit closer to the ledge, waiting to see what happens next ? 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Without A Doubt

Without A Doubt .....

1. without a doubt , ill meet my friends this week
2 ill sms them everyday or keep in touch more often
3 ill play my xbox twice a week
4 ill watch my favorite tv serials this week.
5 ill reduce my fat tummy and strt working out
6 ill buy a new pair of headphones for my puter
7 ill clean my room
8 ill be less lazier, work more harder ... <-- LOL
9 ill get a girlfriend
10 ----------- more , so much more

Dayumm, would you look at that. Without a doubt i promise myself day in and out to do all these things , But i never find time in my life . Somehow if i'm lucky and if god thinks i deserve it , i get a Sunday off like today . But im so freaggin tired & i don't want to get up . No do i  want to meet anyone . Why ? ... probably cuz i just want to sit , think , sit and think some more and just laze around watching tv or dreaming

life is right now full of shit
i don't have time to sit and be still,
but if i do get more time on my hands
should i go and get my own band,
even if i could somehow start my own band
ill probably mess  up,
cuz im too lazy to do anything with my hands
all i want to do is eat and eat  & sleep,
and make sure i dont have to get up tomo to hear my alarm go BEEP BEEP BeEEP

Boy oh boy , how should i get my life in order . College use to be so much fun , don't attend , eat , play , dance. Work is so much of responsibility . I love responsibility, but i feel like i should do more with my life . I guess i got to stand up and take control .There are only 24 hours , i need to try and separate work from work , Because if i continue going this path i might just end up being a social recluse LOL .

~ i need to stop being tardy or ill end up in a jeopardy so lets hope i can freaggin party ~

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How To Survive - Lesson 1 (Get THT IPOD) :)

Back here again , with not so much of time on my hands ... but im writing so i can fill this blog with something productive for people to read and be inspired lolx . The past month and the current one has really been difficult for me . Im going through alot of stuff right now , and at the age of 22 i was not really expecting to get white hair this quick , or to undergo so much of pressure in one shot .Something like TEQUILA , excepts tequila gets better with every shot you take .

"Can i retire ? ? Hello is anyone listening "

Anyhow, my ipod was lying idle and i guess i was using it more as an external storage for data rather than using it for music, which apparently it was made for . So i got these awesome pair of jvc headphones and i decide to pick my ipod once again and download some music onto and fire it up in my ear . I have over 150 songs , well not much . I know your'll have more than me, so i don't want to boast . But that's besides the point . Everyday i get busted up and physically tortured by my boss. I'm so beaten up by the end of the day that i just want to kill myself .

"Not Anymore"

Ever since the music has been flowing in my ear , i have got this awesome/renewed sense of vigour . Trust me guys it works . After that, my ipod has never left my side . I got a few songs in the morning which are my like my anthem that help to build that aura and well also to pass time in the train since its a long journey . In the evening , when my blood is boiling and when im really frustrated all i have to do is get the ipod out and my foot automatically starts tapping to the beat , or my head just starts shaking to the rhytm .

"What would life be without music"

Yes, it works for me , and 'm sure it  will work for you . You might not have an ipod , but I'm sure you have some kind of device like your phone or another brand of mp3 player . So what are you waiting for ? Theres a journey waiting for you every night , a long one after your done with work. Music is the essense of life. It's like a shot of viagra in your ear :D